Why Use A Broker?

Competition these days seems to come at us from all angles. Insurance can be purchased on-line, over the telephone even when queing for groceries. Advertising seems to have convinced most people that they are "experts" in arranging their insurance and that they save a fortune if they "cut out the middle man" . We all get bombarded with invites to "compare this" and "switch that".

Most of this so called competition competes on one front and one front only...price.

We feel we are different to a lot of our competition. For a start we are human and not an automated quote system. We have many years of experience in dealing with Insurers. We get to know our client's and make sure we understand what they need. We have access to different policies with different insurers to suit different requirements or different budgets. We can accommodate changes in their needs. We know which Insurers pay claims and which don't. We know how to make sure your claims get paid, on time and in full. We support you through the life of your time as a client with us from the quote stage right through to the settlement of claims.

Next time you think you have a quotation that is cheaper than that on offer from your broker it may be worth making a true comparison, rather than just looking at the price.




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